Women’s Assertiveness Training -  Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine Power

How much longer will you continue to feel trapped?

How much longer will you continue being a doormat?

How much longer will you continue to be afraid to speak your truth?

Assertiveness Training 2019

Are you ready to say NO to fear, NO to disrespectful relationships/marriages, NO to dead-end jobs and say YES to feeling empowered, courageous and clear about what it is you want in your life?

Then today is the day that you commit to stepping into your divine feminine power by registering for this very empowering, enlightening and supportive training.

Just one year ago I did this training for the first time and it was a powerful success for the awesome women who participated! Every attendee had life-changing events take place because they had the conviction to step into their divine power!

The divine energies pouring down upon our beautiful planet is designed to awaken all of us to the truth of our magnificence while we each shed the illusions and false beliefs of our supposed limited ability to create a beautiful life.

The historical persecution of women and the suppression of the divine feminine power has taken its toll. Many, many women live in fear of being alone and unable to support themselves financially, so they settle for a life of quiet desperation!

My Womens Assertiveness Training is a powerful step for women who are tired of settling and want to create for themselves and their loved ones a life theyre excited about!

This is what one of the women in my last training had to say about her experience:

"I joined the assertiveness training to learn healthier ways to communicate and set boundaries. I came out of it gaining so much more! Cynthia helped me discover a woman within who is not afraid to stand in her power and speak her truth. She showed me the way to let go of the hard life and welcome the blessings of the Universe!"

In this life-transforming training you will come away with:

  • a clear understanding of my HeartLife model of personal transformation and how its five aspects of the heart , when implemented into your life, will support you in seeing how you’ve co-created your current life circumstances and even more importantly… HOW YOU CAN CHANGE THEM!
  • a clearer sense of what it is you truly want to create - many women are feeling so trapped they don’t know what they want so they continue to experience a life of confusion, pain, depression and feelings of “I’m not enough!”
  • knowing a community of women who are ready to change their destiny and step into their power and freedom - a support community of like-hearted women!

If your soul is crying out for its freedom and you’re ready to start demonstrating your assertiveness, then you won’t find a more affordable and powerful means of support than this  training!

Join me for this transformative training that will put your life on a course you can be excited about!

Introductory Evening - 



Cost - $15/person

If you register that night for the training you’ll receive a HUGE discount!

Dates for the training:


7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Cost - $395/person

Training Location: 

11650 South State St.

Draper, Ut.

Bach Building - 3rd Floor

Seating Is Limited So Register Now!

Click on the links below to register:

Introductory Evening - $15/person

Womens Assertiveness 6-week Training - $395/person

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