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√   a breakthrough health and wellness plan, designed just for you

√   greater alignment and improved communication in all your relationships

√   going to the next level in your career or business

My transformational coaching model creates breakthrough results for individuals and couples in the areas of health & wellness, relationship and work/career transition.  

I combine years of study in yoga, nutrition, self-improvement and spirituality to support my clients holistically to bring out their best qualities and live in greater alignment with their values and deepest aspirations. 

Transformational Coaching 

I have a passion for supporting individuals and couples in transforming their lives in the areas of health, career, family, relationships and wealth.  

My holistic coaching approach supports the “whole” you so that you can discover what matters most, live in accordance with those values, and make your greatest impact in the world. 

Health & Wellness Coaching

Your heath and wellness goals drive our coaching process. After a short assessment process, we jump right in and design a simple and efficient self-care program, including yoga and nutritional prescriptions, self-awareness and gratitude practices plus new morning and evening rituals to support daily self-care.  I will provide meal planning, recipes and shopping lists to support you every step of the way.

Relationship Coaching 

If you are a couple and already have a good relationship, but want to take it to the next level, this is the program for you.  

Many of us, over time, have let old habits and patterns get in the way of our best relationship and we need to take the time to recalibrate.  

In this coaching program, we will create the map for a more empowered, aligned, vulnerable and fun relationship that is focused on personal growth and mutual respect.

This program is also a great fit for couples who want to deepen their partnership and want to explore common values, a shared vision and clear any obstacles that stand in the way of their commitment.  

I am also an ordained minister, so my work extends to preparing couples for their special ceremony, designing a custom ceremony, and performing the ceremony on the special day.  

Work/Career Transition Coaching

If you find yourself in a work/career transition you have a unique opportunity to re examine your interests and passions and rediscover what has heart and meaning.  Take the time you need to make the best next step.

My coaching approach provides an in-depth review of your gifts and talents, mission and purpose.  With this new- found clarity, we will create an action plan for greater alignment in your work/business life and get you to the next opportunity, waiting, just for you.

"Cynthia got me asking the  questions, finding the answers, seeing hidden parts of my self, rediscovering my dreams and seeking my truth. Our work together sped up my path of self discovery. She held my hand through the depths of my soul to uncover my subconscious beliefs that were holding me back. Cynthia encouraged me to do the work that aligned me with my highest self. She helped me see the love and light inside me and radiate it into my life. Cynthia Wand is my teacher and my dearest friend I will hold her in my heart for all eternity . Thank you Cynthia for being a blessing in my life and a conduit to living my ultimate manifestation because of our work together, I am stepping into my power and creating the life of my dreams!"

Chelsie H. Salt Lake


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