Open Your Heart-Empower Your Life       7-week Online Retreat

In my many years of facilitating personal development trainings, whether in person or online, there is one thing I’m never surprised about - the human spirit LOVES to learn, grow and become a grander version of ITSELF!

My most recent group of amazing women going through this same online retreat that started in January of this year, have fully embraced the breakthrough pillars of my HeartLife model of transformation.

For over twelve years I’ve been sharing the foundational principles of personal transformation from my book, Living The HeartLife…Letting Go Of The Hard Live. Many lives have been altered for the better by learning about the five aspects of my Heart Model of personal transformation, which I use in my life coaching.

This online retreat is a very affordable way to gain the support that you’re looking for and you will come away from this 7-week knowing:

* How HONOR  EMBRACE  ACKNOWLEDGE  RESPOND  TRUST can transform yourself and your relationships.

* A more empowering way of communicating, not from past emotional wounds, but from the wisdom and discernment of your heart.

* The knowledge of how to set appropriate boundaries that support your self-respect and well being.

* The tools to see the world around you and yourself from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE that will support your search for more personal freedom, self-confidence, and empowerment!

In the comfort of your own home, you’ll not only learn about these critical life changing tools and implement them into your life, but you’ll also connect with other like-minded souls who are desiring to break free of their personal challenges - connection, even online, is so important! 

Over these seven weeks you’ll not only be gaining insights and tools but you’ll be receiving support from me and the other participants in between each online session. This ongoing type of support is invaluable because it will help you to anchor this new perspective into your daily life!

Open Your Heart Empower Your Life 3/21

One participant commented:

"Thank you Cynthia. I came into this training exhausted and I know I will be leaving empowered!"

I truly hope you’ll take this opportunity to say YES to this loving support for YOU!

Monday Evenings - March 22, 2021 through May 3, 2020

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Online-Zoom Conference Calls



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