Inquiry Cards

This  beautiful, full-color set of 48 cards by Sylvia Nibley, has become a key tool for me in my life coaching business. Each card asks a powerful question for one to ponder upon.

You can use them to set an intention for the day, or the week or perhaps the answer to the question you draw will assist you in working through a particular, deep-seated personal issue.

My clients and yoga students have loved pulling a card and using the question as a catalyst for insight.

I promise you’ll find this set of cards a must-have tool for your own personal journey of self discovery!

With each set you get:

•  48 lush cards with beautiful images from nature seen through a teleidoscope. Six-sided mandalas to break up habitual thought patterns and see the world from a different perspective as the questions on the cards are being explored.

• Guidebook with suggested meditations and games to use on your own or in groups.

• Handcrafted wooden stand for displaying a card as you contemplate the question.

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