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Destined to become a classic in the personal development genre, Living The HeartLife... Letting Go Of The Hard Life, is a simple yet profound guide that is transforming the lives of thousands. Week after week this little treasure is finding its way into the hands and hearts of people all over the world, with no advertising! Take a peek inside, read the first chapter and see if you're ready to be living the heartlife. The book comes in all flavors: soft cover, audio cd and MP3 download!

Read what others are saying about our book:

"Living The HeartLife… Letting Go Of The Hard Life is not a book you read once and then put on a shelf. This is a book that needs to be read over and over again it's that important!"

Jean B. Pleasant Grove, UT.

"Living The HeartLife… Letting Go Of The Hard Life is as good as any personal development book I’ve read and I’ve read a ton!"

Dana P.   Park City, UT.

"Living The HeartLife a beautiful book.  Simply written, yet full of truths. I am honored to find two people who have the same outlook and beliefs about life as I do. Thank you for reminding me of them. Thank you for writing it. I am adding your book to the list of 'great books' I have read."

Julie L.  Rockport, ME.

"I love the realistic approach that Steven and Cynthia Wand use to encourage us to move away from situations that may be holding us back - from realizing our full potential. Reading “Living the Heartlife” is a life changing experience that will inspire the reader to reach beyond their self perceived limits to become all that God intended them to be."

Jill B.  Draper, UT.

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