Living The HeartLife Journal

To implement the tools and insights outlined in the book, the journal allows you the unparalleled opportunity to examine your life in a very patient, loving way. Over the course of about twelve weeks you'll discover how you're showing up in the world, both your disempowering self as well as your empowering self and begin to actually implement the HeartLife Model of Personal Transformation in all areas of your life.

Here is just a sampling of client feedback from their experience with the journal:

“The journal companions the book, Living the Heart Life, perfectly, not only in form, but in practice.  The book gave a sense of meaning, a picture of a "heart life," while the journal helped me to create my own heart life.  The questions made me think, made me consider what I want, where I want to be.  When I read over the journal now, I realize I started or fulfilled every heart project I wrote.  I feel like the act of writing down my desires gave me permission to achieve and purpose for that achievement.  The  journal helped me walk down the path to express my true greatness.”

Terra D.  Draper, Ut.

"The journal was such a useful tool for my process.  In the past I have always skipped the journaling or note taking part of any "self help" book or process.  I just didn't want to take the time and didn't feel it was necessary.  I was/am committed to this process for myself with Cynthia as my guide.  The journal was a commitment that I made and kept which felt like an accomplishment in and of itself!  The journal  helped me to stay focused on my goals and it also allowed me to look even further than I originally anticipated, into myself. Thank you!"

Rachel H.  Salt Lake, Ut.

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