So what is wellness?

The dictionary defines it as: taking preventative measures to create better health and prolong life. 

The majority of people wait until disease is present, then take action to improve their habits.

You can't expect to be well if you're not taking responsibility for your health. If you leave your well being in the hands of doctors, it's TOO LATE! Wellness is living in such a way that you are supporting your multi-body self to perform its miracles,  uninterrupted by poor nutrition, lack of physical movement, emotional dramas, and toxic, substance abuse.

Your whole-body self is so miraculous that all it needs from you is to be in charge of is giving it the right environment in which to flourish! Like a seed planted in rich, fertile soil, watered just right, and given adequate sunlight, your whole-self will flourish into something magnificent when you preventatively take care of it through right nutrition, right exercise, right attitude, and such.

When I was eighteen years old I hit my FAT stage. For two years I struggled with weight and did everything, including drugs, to get back to a healthier weight. At twenty, my heart told me to let go of all the junk food and the drugs prescribed by doctors and take charge of my health. Now thirty-some years later I'm independent of doctors, drugs, and anything that I know my body doesn't like.

If you are ready to embrace your magnificence that is hiding behind excess weight, low energy, or physical weakness then I invite you to explore my HeartLife Coaching. Together we'll discover first the emotional links to your current health, and then begin to design, through a nutrition and exercise plan, how you can begin to be the architect of your health and truly begin to practice being well!

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